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HubSpot CRM, Automation, and Reporting for Homebuilders

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Are you a homebuilder using HubSpot today or considering using HubSpot?

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homebuilder-specific crm architecture

Avoid years of trial and error. Our proven CRM set-up for homebuilders turns your team into the most efficient sales machine in your market.

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custom reporting and dashboards

Get clear visibility into what is working and what needs attention, without hounding your sales team to manually update spreadsheets.

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sales and marketing automation

From sales productivity tools to lead generation chatbots, keep you new home specialists focus on selling, not CRM admin tasks.

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Team training & Adoption Programs

Ensure your inside and on-site sales teams have the clarity, support, documentation, and ongoing training they need to be successful.

Free HubSpot Consultation for Homebuilders

Learn how your residential construction company can convert more leads into homeowners faster without spending more on marketing.

How Homebuilders Use HubSpot CRM
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Using HubSpot for Homebuilders
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How We Help Homebuilders

Every homebuilder is at a different place in their journey.

Some companies are balancing fluctuations in demand with finding the right sales processes, while other builders are focused on squeezing every qualified lead from their marketing budget.

Homebuilder Ops provides a wide range of HubSpot consulting services, sales enablement strategies, and automation solutions to homebuilders to help you grow regardless of how sophisticated your lead generation, CRM, and reporting processes are today.

Convert More Leads Into New Home Sales

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Homebuilder-Specific HubSpot Implementation

The out-of-the-box HubSpot platform creates inefficiencies and unreliable data for homebuilders.

Get our homebuilder-specific HubSpot configuration and custom automation for your sales, marketing, and customer care teams.

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CRM Architecture and Optimization

Set your HubSpot CRM up for your homebuilder company’s specific sales team structure, customer experience strategy, business processes, and reporting requirements.

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Integrate Your CRM with Your Residential Construction Industry ERP

Homebuilders’ CRM and backend systems need to talk.

Combine the industry’s best integration with your builder-specific data requirements to connect your CRM, marketing automation, and sales enablement platform with popular homebuilder ERP platforms.

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Business-Specific Lead Management Processes

Clunky sales processes in your CRM result in lost sales and dirty data.

Give your inside sales team and community-based salespeople a simple process for tracking their leads and ensuring that no homebuyer falls through the cracks. 

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CRM Adoption Programs

Your reporting is only useful if you are looking at accurate data in your CRM.

Implement proven homebuilder CRM and sales tool adoption programs to ensure your sales team is following up with leads, using best practices, and your CRM is giving you data you can trust.

“Exactly the toolset and guidance our sales managers need to convert more leads into contracts.”

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Revenue Operation Advisory

Don’t risk having unreliable reporting, misfiring automation, and inaccurate marketing segmentation.

Homebuilders rely on the Homebuilder Ops team to see the big picture, maintain the integrity of the sales and marketing systems, and provide guidance on the most scalable way to executive your growth plan.

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HubSpot CRM and Sales Tool Training

Homebuilders sell more homes when their sales team is following a process and maximizing the sales efficiency tools your company has invested in for them.

We’ll provide ongoing team, virtual, and small group training programs to your sales team and new hires to maximize their use of HubSpot and follow a uniform lead management process.

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HubSpot Admin Support and Troubleshooting

Whether your community sales managers have a question about their CRM data or you need to conduct your quarterly data hygiene analysis, your team does not need to be seasoned HubSpot veterans or figure it out through trial and error.

Our HubSpot for homebuilders experts have a proven system for HubSpot administration and homebuilder-specific troubleshooting processes.

Reporting and Dashboards for Homebuilders


Monthly Executive Reports and Analysis

Drive your residential construction company’s performance using relevant data and metrics.

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Revenue Attribution

Double down on marketing that works and pull the plug on underperforming campaigns by knowing which specific marketing activities are resulting in new leads, qualified appointments, and contracts.

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Sales Process Adoption Monitoring

Get real-time insight into which community sales managers and online sales consultants are following your sales process and which are at risk of letting qualified buyers slip through the cracks.

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Sales Management Dashboards

Empower your sales managers to follow important KPIs closely, as well as drive sales meetings and one-on-one sales rep coaching sessions using business specific data.

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Sales Contests and Leaderboards

Go beyond closed homes and under contract buyers by fostering healthy competition among and within your sales teams to increase appointments, prospecting calls, Realtor outreach, CRM adoption, and other leading indicators.

“We have never had as much trust in our data and visibility into our new home sales pipeline as we do now.”

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Connect Marketing Campaigns and Ads to Sales

Use educational content and ads about your new home communities, floorplans, and markets to generate leads and move buyers through the sales process faster.

Then, connect your content marketing and ads to HubSpot to optimize your efforts with clear real-time ROI data.

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Lead Analysis and Revenue Forensics

Do you wonder which of your marketing campaigns are generating homebuyers under contract or wish you knew the strong and weak points in your sales process?

Our team will follow proprietary homebuilder analysis and monitoring processes to give you business-specific insights and actionable adjustments.


Lead Scoring

What if you could give your sales team a single score to help them prioritize the most engaged leads that are most likely to write a contract?

Our team will help you create a business-specific lead score based on actual data and optimize that lead score regularly.

Sales and Marketing Automation for Homebuilders

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OSC/Inside Sales CRM Systems

Take advantage of the industry’s most efficient and scalable inside sales system for homebuilders.

Turn your OSC or ISC group into an appointment-setting machine while having all the visibility you need to coach OSCs and make changes to your messaging or strategy faster.


Complex Lead Routing and Sales Hand-Off Engines

Whether you assign new leads by community or permit community sales managers to cross sell across communities, Homebuilder Ops’ HubSpot lead routing system has you covered.

Regardless of the nuance of your lead routing rules, you’ll effortlessly send the right leads to the right sales reps.


VIP and Waitlist Systems

Sell out communities faster by incorporating your business-specific VIP processes with our proven VIP and waitlist system in HubSpot.

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Sales and Customer Care Chat BotS

Generate and qualify leads, book appointments, and triage warranty requests faster from your website without lifting a finger with our smart chat bot system built on the HubSpot chat bot engine.

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Advance Marketing Automation

Combine HubSpot’s best-in-class automation engine and your CRM data to produce more traffic and contracts by setting up most of your lead generation, qualification, and follow-up on autopilot.

“We can plan the best customer experience and be confident that the automation and data will simply work.”


Lead Nurturing Automation and Re-Engagement Campaigns

Your CRM database and old lead lists hold hundreds of untapped homebuyers that weren’t ready when you first spoke with them, but are ready to schedule an appointment now.

Create compelling, personalized nurturing and re-engagement campaigns to connect newly-ready buyers with your OSCs and CSMs.

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Automated SMS Touches

Connect with buyers in the ways that they want to interact.

Leverage SMS automation when a buyer takes specific actions or reaches a certain stage in the buying process.

You can also send mass SMS campaigns to inform and re-engage prospective buyers.

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Customer Care and Warranty Request Automation

Are you worried that managing warranty requests using paper files or clunky backend systems is creating mediocre customer satisfaction?

Leverage your CRM data to create market-leading customer satisfaction by driving customer engagement, providing timely and personalized responses, and building strong relationships with customers.