Join Our HubSpot Communities for Homebuilders

Network, Learn Best Practices, and Share Your Experience

The team at Homebuilder Ops is committed to bringing the best sales and marketing minds, resources, and tools together in the entire homebuilding industry.

While the following communities are new and growing, please join us in this mission by joining and participating in the following online communities for homebuilders.

Data-Driven Homebuilders Community

The Data-Driven Homebuilders community is a free, professional Facebook group. 

This professional online community is dedicated to the sharing of best practices for using CRM, marketing, and sales data to steer your residential construction company, make decsions, and optimize new home sales growth. 

Homebuilder members participate in discussion, share ideas, and have access to exlusive resources and online events. 

Homebuilder HubSpot User Group

In 2023, HubSpot asked Homebuilder Ops to launch and lead the Homebuilder HubSpot User Group. 

The HubSpot Homebuilder User Group is the official online community for builders and developers in the residential construction industry.

Our mission is to come together as a community to generate more leads, increase qualified appointments, and get more buyers under contract using the HubSpot platform.

The Homebuilder HUG is open to all homebuilders using HubSpot or considering implementing HubSpot. We meet regularly online and meet up at HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference as well.